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Case Study: How Nullify saves developers 8 hours each week at this leading health insurer.

  • Rolled-out Nullify in minutes, not months.
  • Replaced the need for 4 separate vendors.
  • Saving 500 developers 8 hours each week.

About this company

This international health insurer offers health and medical insurance to 2 million people around Australia and New Zealand. They also provide travellers worldwide with financial protection and peace of mind.

The development team is composed of over 500 developers working across 1,000+ repositories and multiple environments in a range of web and mobile frameworks.

The challenge

The organisation wanted to enhance their software security posture without creating unnecessary security work. Existing solutions lacked native integration into developer workflows and added friction to the developer's ability to deliver software quickly. Traditional security testing practices and cycles were long and did not cater to evolving landscapes, causing slow feedback cycles for developers. This ultimately resulted in slower time-to-production, as well as poor security outcomes.

What Nullify did to help

The organisation was able to embed the Nullify bot across their entire codebase and workflows, on an organisation level - giving each developer the support of the bot in their most used apps. This enabled the organisation to:

  • Eliminate the manual integration and maintenance work required for adding security tools into CI/CD pipelines.
  • Provide 100% secure code review coverage with one click across the entire codebase.
  • Reduce security work items and allow developers to more easily take ownership of software security objectives.

The results

  • The organisation was facing the prospect of a 6 month roll-out for an alternative developer security strategy. Nullify consolidated the requirements by streamlining the security workflow into one offering.
  • Nullify is a GitHub App, which allowed the bots to be deployed within 5 minutes across the entire codebase and for each developer.
  • Across the engineering teams, totalling 500 developers, an average of 8 hours per week is reclaimed in manual security processes, allowing the organisation to direct their efforts into productive feature development and innovation.

The Cybersecurity Manager at this enterprise said:

“Nullify has enabled open-source technology powered capabilities across our software development pipeline. It gives our engineers the earliest indicators of critical code security issues and does this in platforms they already work within.”

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